About Me

Hi I’m Chris New and I Design Technology for Spaces

I’ve been a tech nerd since Junior school when my Dad gave me a broken cassette player; I took it apart and fixed it! These days I work for automation companies designing, installing and programming smart homes, private home cinemas and designing technology for all types of commercial spaces.

With this blog, I hope to pass on my knowledge gained through experience. There are many pitfalls in designing and building a smart home whether you employ a professional or go DIY. This blog is aimed at helping you avoid some of the worst and get the most from your smart home. I also share some of my tech knowledge in other areas such as IT, security and data privacy.


I studied an HND in Sound Engineering and Multi-media Integration at the Truro campus of the University of Plymouth. Following that I did a brief stint at Bowers & Wilkins, this was quickly followed by my first job in Home Technology at Gibson Music who were based in Fulham, London; since then I have worked at five other Home Automation companies, learned how to install, design and program Home Automation Systems including Crestron, Control4, Savant, Lutron & Rako among others. I now work for one of the UK’s largest technology companies and work primarily in the commercial sector.

Head on over to my Blog and dive into the world of Smart Homes and Technology.

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